Oklahoma City Prison Rape Attorney

Many people wrongly think that when it comes to conditions in jails and prisons, anything goes. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

Whether operated by the government or private companies, jails and prisons have a duty to maintain certain safety conditions for inmates. This includes working to prevent — and responding in a timely manner to sexual assault of inmates by other inmates and even prison staff.

We at The Cotton Law Firm know that it is unacceptable for jails and prisons to tolerate rape and sexual assault of inmates, especially by those charged with supervising them. If a loved one has been victimized while incarcerated, we are here to help you hold his or her jailers responsible for their actions.

There is no need to wonder whether your loved one can sue a jail or prison for allowing him or her to be the victim of rape or other jail misconduct. Call 405-285-0816 for a free consultation with our firm’s civil rights lawyer. We represent clients throughout Oklahoma.

Correctional Officer Disciplinary Violations

The penalties for misconduct by jail or prison staff can be severe. Inmates who are raped by staff— or are allowed to be sexually assaulted by other inmates can often recover for their physical injuries, emotional distress and psychological injuries. Punitive damages may also be available to discourage other correctional facilities from tolerating such behavior.

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